'Seabirds and marine mammals off SW Galicia, all year-round. Didactic, exciting experience at the best value!'

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The Grupo Naturalista Hábitat (Hábitat naturalist group) is a non-profit, politically independent entity, being one of the most distinguished conservationist associations of Galicia. From its foundation at A Coruña in 1979 by a group of enthusiastic naturalists, it carries out different studies on the Galician nature, along with a number of campaigns of broadcast nature knowledge, generating a natural current of concern towards the environment in Galicia, by that time almost non-existent. Short after its foundation, members shared their interest in mammals, arthropods, amphibious, reptiles, plants... This global knowledge was positive for the conservation of natural spaces as a whole.

In 2012, Grupo Naturalista Hábitat became the first sponsor of Seabirds Galicia, understanding that these pelagic trips are a good way for encouraging the knowledge of our seabirds and for obtaining data for their protection.

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