'Seabirds and marine mammals off SW Galicia, all year-round. Didactic, exciting experience at the best value!'

Ethical code

This is the ethical code of Seabirds Galicia:

  • The well-being of the animals is our first objective, along with the enjoying of the bird and mammal watching and the data recording.
  • Birds won't be disturbed during our activity. Interaction with the chum is logic and necessary, but natural behaviour of birds is not shifted as pelagics are performed less than 12 times in a year.
  • Oiling for attract storm-petrels is performed only with sunflower oil in minimum quantity. The oil will biodegrade by itself in only 1-2 h, and it is not toxic for the marine fauna in such amounts.
  • Noise, both of the participants, the crew and even the boat, is always minimized.
  • Special care with marine mammals is always keep. Boat will slow down the engine or even stop it when dolphins, whales or porpoises are near the boat. We won't chase the marine mammals, nor disturb them with noises. When the boat is sailing, sometimes common dolphins go bow riding by themselves: only in this situation the skipper will keep the same route and speed.

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