'Seabirds and marine mammals off SW Galicia, all year-round. Didactic, exciting experience at the best value!'


The 'Chasula' is a 'tarrafa', a typical purse net fishing boat. It was bought in 2007 by Iniciativas Tradicionales Maritimas, S.L. It has been restored as a floating classroom - workshop and is aimed at the active tourism and cultural action sectors.

The 'Chasula' (retrieved from chasulapesca.blogspot.com)

  • LOA: 14 m
  • Length between perpendiculars: 11.4 m
  • Beam: 3.55 m
  • Depth: 1.35 m
Pelagic trips for birdwatching start on 10th September 2011. Maximum capacity is 12 people plus crew. By 2011, 'Chasula''s skipper has the permission for navigate offshore, up to 12 nm.